Saving a Presentation as a Web Page



With the PowerPoint file you want to share displayed onscreen, open the File menu and choose Save as Web Page.


The Save As dialog box opens. Select a folder or drive to save the file to, or use the default folder.


Type a name for the Web page file in the File Name field.


To create a title for the browser window that displays the presentation, click the Change Title button.


Yet another way to collaborate with others is to share your presentation as a Web page. For example, if you want a colleague or friend to view a slide show, yet you know the person doesn't have PowerPoint, you can save your presentation as an HTML file, which the intended recipient can view using a Web browser. (Web page browsers are quite common and the HTML format is an easy way to share files.) You can also save your presentation as a Web page to post on a server and allow Internet users to view the show.


What Is HTML?

HTML stands for hypertext markup language, a special file format used to create Web pages.



The Set Page Title dialog box opens. Type a title for the page in the Page Title field.


Click OK.


Click the Publish button.


Using the Preview Feature

You can preview how your slide show looks as a Web page before saving it as an HTML file. Open the File menu and choose Web Page Preview to open your default Web browser and view the presentation.



The Publish as Web Page dialog box opens. Click the Complete Presentation option button.


Click the type of browser support you want to apply.


Click the Open Published Web Page in Browser check box to select it.


Click the Publish button.


Publishing to a Server

If you want to save your presentation as an HTML file for other Internet users to view, you must publish the file to a Web server?a computer that stores Web pages. Contact your network administrator or Internet service provider to learn more.



PowerPoint saves your presentation and opens your Web browser to enable you to view the slide show.


Click the browser's Maximize button to enlarge the viewing area.


Click the arrow buttons to move back and forth between each slide.


When you finish previewing the show, click the browser's Close button to return to the PowerPoint window.


Viewing the Full Show

Users can see your full-screen slide show on the Web page by clicking the Slide Show button at the bottom of the browser window.


Hiding Speaker Notes

If you are publishing your presentation on the Internet, you might not want your speaker notes visible to others. Be sure to deselect the Display Speaker Notes check box in the Publish as Web Page dialog box before clicking the Publish button and creating the HTML file.