Saving a Presentation for Multiple Reviewers



With the presentation you want to distribute to others displayed onscreen, open the File menu and choose Save As.


The Save As dialog box opens. Select a folder or drive to save the file to, or use the default folder.


Type a name for the review file in the File Name field.


PowerPoint offers a unique feature for users who collaborate to build a presentation. You can save a presentation as a review file and distribute it to others for their feedback. After each person has reviewed the file, you can combine the review files into one presentation.



If you distribute your review files to be viewed on another computer, the user might not be able to access the multimedia files associated with your slide show. If you want the reviewer to be able to work with the multimedia files as well, be sure to distribute the clips along with the review file.



Click the down arrow next to the Save as Type field.


Click Presentation for Review.


Click Save. Repeat steps 1?6 to save more copies of the same file to distribute to different reviewers.


Naming Ideas

To help keep your review files separate and easy to distinguish, consider naming each one after the person to whom you want to distribute a copy.


Information Rights Management

To prevent unauthorized users from accessing your file, you can download and install PowerPoint's new Information Rights Management Client feature and set up restricted permissions. Open the File menu and choose Permission, and link to the Microsoft Web site to learn more about this feature.