Creating a Custom Slide Show



With the presentation you want to customize displayed onscreen, open the Slide Show menu and choose Custom Shows.


The Custom Shows dialog box opens. Click the New button.


The Define Custom Show dialog box opens. Type a name for the custom show in the Slide Show Name field.


You can pull together several slides from within your presentation to create a custom show. For example, you may need to show all your slides to a management team, but leave out a few confidential slides to show the rest of the department. You can create numerous custom shows within your main slide show.



If you make changes to the slides in the original presentation, the changes also appear in the slides of the custom show.



Double-click each slide you want to include in the custom show.


Click OK.


PowerPoint lists the name of the custom show in the Custom Shows list. Click the Close button to exit the dialog box.


Rearranging the Slide Order

To change the order of the slides listed in the Define Custom Show dialog box, select a slide, then click the up arrow or down arrow button to change the slide's position in the list.


Removing a Slide

To remove a slide from a custom show, click the show you want to edit, and then click the Edit button. Double-click the slide you want to remove from the list on the right side of the dialog box. The slide is removed.


Summoning a Custom Show

To view a custom show, open the Slide Show menu and choose Custom Shows to open the Custom Shows dialog box. Select the show and click the Show button to start the presentation.