Packing Your Presentation onto a CD



After you insert a writable CD into your CD-ROM drive, open the File menu and choose Package for CD.


The Package for CD dialog box opens. Type a name for the CD in the Name the CD field.


Click the Copy to CD button.


If you need to take your presentation on the road, you can use PowerPoint's Package for CD feature. The Package for CD feature helps you bundle the presentation along with the necessary multimedia clips and other elements onto a CD-ROM.


Windows XP

The Package for CD feature works only with Windows XP or later. If you're using an earlier operating system, you can use the feature only to package the presentation to a folder, network drive, or floppy disk, and only if you do not include the PowerPoint viewer with the package.



PowerPoint copies the related presentation files, including any multimedia clips.


PowerPoint informs you when the copying is complete, and asks if you want to copy the files to another CD. Click No.


Click Close to exit the Package for CD dialog box.


No PowerPoint?

The Package for CD feature automatically includes a PowerPoint Viewer in case the computer you are using to show the presentation does not currently have PowerPoint installed. The PowerPoint Viewer is simply a scaled-down version of PowerPoint for viewing presentations.


The PowerPoint Viewer Won't Open My Presentation!

The PowerPoint Viewer can only open PowerPoint files from PowerPoint 97 or later. It does not allow you to view presentations created in earlier versions of PowerPoint.