Viewing a Presentation



Click the first slide in the presentation.


Click the Slide Show View button.


PowerPoint displays the first slide in full-screen mode.


Click on the slide to advance to the next slide.


You can use Slide Show view to view a presentation. As your slide show plays, you can manually tell PowerPoint when to advance to the next slide, return to the previous slide, or exit the show before it ends.


Navigation Shortcuts

You can press the Spacebar on the keyboard to advance to the next slide, or you can press the Backspace key to return to the previous slide. To display a specific slide, type the slide number and press Enter.


Navigation Bar

You can use the Navigation bar that appears in the corner of your slide show to control the show. Click the arrow buttons to move back and forth between slides, or click the middle buttons to reveal slide show control menus.



To display commands for controlling the slide show, right-click over a slide; select a command from the shortcut menu that appears.


Repeat step 4 until you reach the black screen indicating the end of the show.


Click the screen to end the show and return to the PowerPoint window.


Pausing the Show

To pause the show at any time, press the B key to make the screen go black, or press the W key to make the screen go white. To continue, press the B or W key again.


Drawing on Your Slides

PowerPoint includes several pen tools you can use to mark on the slides as you present them in Slide Show mode. Right-click on the slide, select Pointer Options, and choose Ballpoint Pen or Felt Tip Pen. If you prefer a highlighter pen, select Highlighter. You can now click and drag the mouse pointer on the screen to draw on the screen. To change pen color, right-click the slide, select Pointer Options, choose Ink Color, and select a color. To erase any markings on the slide, press the E key on the keyboard.