Assigning a Password to a Presentation



Open the Tools menu and click Options.


The Options dialog box opens. Click the Security tab, click inside the Password to Open box, and type a password.


Click OK.


The Confirm Password dialog box opens. Type the password again and click OK.


PowerPoint 2003 includes a security feature that you can use to assign a password to your presentation file. This prevents other users from opening your presentation. Passwords can contain up to 15 characters, including any combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.


PowerPoint passwords are case sensitive, which means you must retype the password exactly as you entered it when you set up the password. Be sure to write down your password and keep it somewhere safe.



To test the password, save and close your presentation, and then open it again. The Password dialog box appears.


Type the password and click OK.


PowerPoint opens the presentation.


Password to Modify

You can use the Password to Modify option in the Options dialog box to allow other users to access the file, but not make any changes to the presentation. When they open the file, a Password dialog box appears. They can click a Read Only button that lets them view the presentation without making changes.


Removing a Password

To remove a password you have previously assigned to a presentation, reopen the Options dialog box and the Security tab, select the current password, and press the Delete key. Click OK and save the presentation.