Changing the Slide Layout



Click the slide you want to change.


From the Task pane, click the Other Task Panes button (the down arrow in the pane's upper-right corner), and then click Slide Layout.


The Slide Layout pane appears. Scroll through the available layouts and click the one you want to assign.


PowerPoint assigns the layout to the current slide.


PowerPoint offers a variety of slide layouts you can use. If you don't like the current slide's layout, you can use the Slide Layout pane to select a new layout.


Undoing the Layout

If you assign a new layout to a slide that has existing text and artwork, the new layout may make the slide elements appear worse. To undo any new layout after you apply it, click the Undo button on the Standard toolbar.


Changing Designs

You can also change the slide's design, which includes the fonts, color scheme, and background of the slide. See Part 6, "Changing the Appearance of Slides," to learn more.