Creating a Presentation Using the AutoContent Wizard



In the Task pane, click the Other Task Panes button (the down arrow in the pane's upper-right corner), and then click New Presentation.


The New Presentation pane appears. Click From AutoContent Wizard.


The AutoContent wizard opens. Click Next to continue.


To create a quick and easy slide show, use the AutoContent wizard. This wizard walks you through each step in designing a presentation. You select the type of presentation, and PowerPoint creates an outline. When you finish building the presentation with the wizard, you can add your own text to each slide.


Opening the Task Pane

Is your Task pane closed? To open it quickly, press Ctrl+F1 on the keyboard, or select View, Task Pane on the menu bar.


Another Way to the AutoContent Wizard

You can also select File, New to open the New Presentation pane and access the AutoContent Wizard.



Click a category to select it.


PowerPoint lists presentations associated with the category you clicked. Select a presentation type, and then click Next to continue.


Click the type of method that best describes how you want to give your presentation, and then click Next to continue.


What If I Don't See a Match?

If the AutoContent wizard does not list a type of presentation you want to create, pick a type that most closely resembles your presentation and then modify the slides to suit your own needs.


Displaying All Categories

Click the All button in the AutoContent wizard in step 4 to view all the different types of preformatted presentations that PowerPoint offers.



Type a title for the presentation, if desired. The title appears on the first slide in the presentation.


Optionally, type in any footer text you'd like to appear at the bottom of each slide.


By default, the AutoContent wizard includes the date and slide number at the bottom of each slide. To turn off these features, deselect the check boxes. Click Next to continue.


The AutoContent wizard offers 18 different types of presentations you can choose from. Each one employs a different design background. The placeholder text on each slide is preformatted, so all you have to do is add your own text.


Going Back or Jumping Forward

You can click the Back button in the AutoContent Wizard dialog box to return to the previous screen and make any changes. You can also skip steps by clicking the Finish button, when applicable.


Stopping the Wizard

You can stop the AutoContent wizard at any stage during the process by clicking the Cancel button.



Click Finish.


PowerPoint creates the presentation and lists each slide in Outline view. You can now add your own text to each slide.


Adding Text

Each slide created with the AutoContent wizard includes placeholder text. You can replace the placeholder text with your own text. See the task "Replacing Placeholder Text" later in this part to learn more.


What If I Don't Like the Design?

If you don't like the design that the AutoContent wizard assigns to a presentation, you can change the presentation's design template. See the next task, "Creating a Presentation Using a Design Template," to learn how.