Saving a Presentation



Click the Save button on the Standard toolbar.


The Save As dialog box opens. Type a name for the presentation.


To save the file in another folder, click the Save In drop-down arrow and select another folder or drive.


Click Save. PowerPoint saves the presentation.


You must save your presentations to reuse them or to continue working on the slides later. When you save a PowerPoint file, you assign the presentation a unique name. You can also save the file to a specific folder or disk. After you've saved a file, subsequent saves do not require assigning a filename or location unless you want to create a duplicate of the presentation under a different filename.


The Default Folder

By default, PowerPoint saves your presentations in the My Documents folder. If you prefer to save your work in another folder or on a CD or floppy disk drive, you must use the Save in drop-down list to choose the folder or drive.