Working with the Outline Pane



Click the Outline tab.


PowerPoint displays your presentation in outline format.


To view a specific slide in the Slide pane, click the slide number.


The Outline view shares space with the Slides tab. When you select the Outline tab, however, the pane expands to show all your presentation headings and subheadings. You can use the Outlining toolbar to quickly access commands for rearranging and editing the outline.


Bigger Pane

You can resize panes in PowerPoint to view more information, or in the case of Outline view, more of your presentation outline. Move the mouse pointer over a pane border, and then drag the border to resize the pane.



To display the Outlining toolbar, open the View menu and select Toolbars, Outlining.


The Outlining toolbar appears.


Closing the Pane

You can close the Outline and Slides tab pane to free up onscreen workspace. However, you will gain more space by closing the Task pane. See Part 1 to learn how. To close the Outline view pane, click the pane's Close button. To open it again, open the View menu and choose Normal (Restore Panes).


Hiding Formatting

Another way to focus on your presentation's content is to hide the formatting shown in Outline view. Click the Show Formatting button on the Outlining toolbar or on the Formatting toolbar to toggle the formatting on or off.