Changing the Text Color



Select the text or text box you want to format.


Click the Font Color button on the Formatting toolbar.


PowerPoint displays a menu of color options that coordinate with your current slide design. Click the color you want to apply.


If you do not see a color you like, click More Colors.


As you work with different slide designs, you might need to change the color of slide text to make it more legible against the background, or you might want to use color to emphasize a word or line of text. You can change text color quickly using the Font Color button on the Formatting toolbar.


Understanding Color Schemes

The colors that appear on the Font Color menu are coordinated with the slide design's color scheme. You'll learn more about changing slide designs and color schemes in Part 6, "Changing the Appearance of Slides."



The Colors dialog box opens. Click a color.


Click OK.


PowerPoint applies the color.


Previewing First

The Colors dialog box enables you to preview how the color actually looks on the slide text before applying it. (This works only if you have selected the entire text box.) Click a color in the Colors dialog box, and then click the Preview button to see what it looks like on the slide. You can drag the dialog box out of the way to better see your slide text.


Undoing a Color Choice

If your color choice turns out to be less than what you envisioned, you can quickly undo the edit. Click the Undo button on the Standard toolbar, or open the Edit menu and choose Undo.