Spell Checking Slide Text



Click the Spell Check button on the Standard toolbar.


PowerPoint launches the spell check. If it finds an error, it highlights the misspelled word and opens the Spelling dialog box.


Click a correct spelling from the list of suggestions.


As you build your presentation, do not neglect the important task of proofreading your text for errors. PowerPoint includes a spell check tool you can use to check your slides for spelling mistakes.


Using AutoCorrect

By default, PowerPoint's AutoCorrect feature is turned on. This feature automatically underlines misspelled words with a red wavy line as you type. To correct a word, right-click it to reveal a list of suggestions, and then click a suggestion in the list.



Click Change to replace the highlighted word with the new word you selected.


If the word is not actually misspelled (for example, if it's a proper name or a product name), click Ignore to skip the word.


When the spell check is complete, click OK.


Although the spell check feature is helpful for catching misspellings of words, it is always good practice to read through your presentation's text carefully. The spell checker cannot find mistakes in grammar or words used out of context.


Adding Words to the Dictionary

If you plan to frequently use a word that PowerPoint's spell check feature thinks is a mistake, consider adding the word to the program's dictionary. Click the Add button in the Spelling dialog box to add the word to the dictionary.