Drawing Shapes on a Slide



Click a drawing tool on the Drawing toolbar. In this example, the Oval tool is selected.


Click and drag on the slide to draw the shape.


Release the mouse button; the shape is created.


You can draw your own illustrations on your slides using the tools available on the Drawing toolbar. The toolbar contains buttons for drawing simple shapes, such as ovals and rectangles, as well as lines and lines with arrows. You can control the shape's line color and thickness as well as apply a fill color to your shapes.


Drawing a Perfect Shape

To draw a perfect circle or square, press and hold the Shift key while drawing with the Oval or Rectangle tools.


Drawing Lines

To draw just a single line or a line with an arrow, simply click the Line or Arrow button on the Drawing toolbar and drag on the slide to create the line.



Click the down arrow next to the Fill Color button in the Drawing toolbar and click a color to fill the inside of the shape.


Click the down arrow next to the Line Color button in the Drawing toolbar and click a color for the line.


Click the Line Style button and click a thickness or style for the line.


Editing Shapes

You can edit the shape or line you draw by double-clicking the object to open the Format AutoShape dialog box. Here, you can reset the fill color, line thickness, and more.


Quickly Inserting a Circle or Square

Click the Oval or Rectangle button on the Drawing toolbar, and then click on the slide where you want to insert a circle or square. PowerPoint inserts the shape for you using the default drawing settings.