Changing Slides with the Slide Master



Open the View menu, choose Master, and choose Slide Master.


Slide Master view opens onscreen along with the Slide Master View toolbar.


Click the text object you want to edit and use the Formatting toolbar to make changes to the font, size, style, or alignment of the text.


Slide masters control the overall appearance of a slide design, including the placement of slide objects, text fonts, and more. Every slide design in PowerPoint is based on a Slide Master that controls the slide appearance, even a presentation based on a blank slide. You can make changes to a design's Slide Master to customize all the slides in your presentation at once. Adjusting the Slide Master does not alter existing slide content, only the appearance of the slide.


Formatting Slide Text?

To learn more about using the various text-formatting commands available in PowerPoint, see Part 4.



To edit the placement of a text object, click and drag the object to a new location on the Slide Master.


When finished editing the Slide Master, click Close Master View.


PowerPoint returns you to the current slide and any changes you made are reflected in all the slides based on that particular Slide Master.


Using Other Masters

PowerPoint also includes masters for title slides, notes, and handouts. You can modify each type of master to customize the slide, notes, or handouts pages. See Part 10 to learn more about slide notes and handouts.


Adding Slide Elements to a Master

You can add text boxes and other slide objects, such as clip art or charts, so that each slide that uses that Slide Master includes the same elements. This saves you time from having to add each element to each slide yourself.