Changing the Design Template



Click the slide to which you want to apply a new design.


From the Task pane, select Other Task Panes, and then click Slide Design.


The Slide Design Task pane appears. Click the scroll arrows to scroll through the list of available designs.


As you learned in Part 2, you can use design templates to add color and backgrounds to your presentation. A design template is simply a preformatted color scheme, font style, and background for a presentation. You can use the Slide Design pane to try out other design templates.


Selecting Multiple Slides

To select multiple slides in the Slides tab, press and hold the Ctrl key while clicking on each slide you want to select.


Task Pane Help

To learn more about working with the Task pane, see Part 1.



To control how a design is applied, move the mouse pointer over the design to display a drop-down arrow, then click the arrow.


Click Apply to Selected Slides to apply the design to the current slide, or click Apply to All Slides to apply the design to all the slides.


PowerPoint applies the new design. In this example, the design is applied only to the selected slide.


Showing Large Previews

You can zoom your view of the slide designs listed in the Slide Design pane. Move the mouse pointer over the design and click the drop-down arrow. Click Show Large Previews from the menu.


It's not a good idea to mix too many designs in a presentation. Viewing different slide backgrounds may be jarring to the presentation audience. The rule of thumb is to stick with a single design template throughout the presentation.


Finding More Designs

Scroll to the bottom of the Slide Design pane and click the Additional Design Templates option. PowerPoint prompts you to insert the CD-ROM you used to install the program, and then installs additional design templates.