Changing the Slide Background Color



Open the Format menu and choose Background.


The Background dialog box opens. Click the color drop-down arrow.


Click a color.


In addition to design templates and color schemes, you can also control the appearance of your slides by setting your own slide backgrounds. For example, you can choose a specific color for the background.


What If My Slide Already Has a Design?

If your slide already has a design template applied, changing the background color can change the overall design appearance. You can experiment with different color choices to change the design. To remove any background graphics associated with the design, click the Omit Background Graphics from Master check box in the Background dialog box.



To apply the background to the current slide only, click Apply.


To apply the background to every slide in the presentation, click Apply to All.


The background color is applied.


Choosing from Additional Colors

The Background dialog displays colors based on the chosen color scheme. To choose from a full palette of colors, click the More Colors option in the color drop-down list in the Background dialog box. This opens the Colors dialog box, where you can pick another color from the palette.


Do Background Colors Affect a Text Boxes?

If you have previously assigned a background color to a text object, assigning a slide background color does not affect the text background. See Part 4 to learn more about assigning backgrounds to text boxes.