Changing the Slide Color Scheme



Select the slide to which you want to apply a new color scheme.


From the Task pane, select Other Task Panes, then click Slide Design - Color Schemes.


The Slide Design pane appears with a list of available color schemes.


Move the mouse pointer over the color scheme you want to apply and click the arrow that appears to the right of the color scheme.


If you prefer to keep your slide designs simple, you can spruce up your slide backgrounds by changing the slide color scheme. Unlike design templates, which may use illustrations and textures, color schemes are professionally designed coordinated sets of colors. Each color scheme includes a background color, text and line colors, shadow colors, fill colors, and accent colors.


Selecting Multiple Slides

To select multiple slides in the Slides tab, press and hold the Ctrl key while clicking on each slide you want to select.



Click Apply to All Slides to assign the new color scheme to all the slides in the presentation, or Apply to Selected Slides to assign the scheme to selected slide.


The color scheme is applied.


Larger Previews

You can zoom your view of the slide color schemes listed in the Slide Design pane. To do so, move the mouse pointer over the color scheme and click the drop-down arrow that appears. Click Show Large Previews from the menu. PowerPoint displays larger versions of the color schemes in the pane.


What Are Animation Schemes?

Another link located below the Color Schemes link at the top of the Slide Design pane is Animation Schemes. You can use animation schemes to animate slide elements during a presentation.