Adding a Diagram



Click the Insert Diagram icon in the placeholder slide object.


The Diagram Gallery dialog box opens. Click the type of diagram you want to use.


Click OK.


PowerPoint creates the diagram and places it on the slide along with the Diagram toolbar.


You can create diagrams to show cycles, hierarchy patterns, and more. PowerPoint's diagram feature includes organizational charts, cycle, radial, pyramid, Venn, and target diagram types. When you add a diagram, PowerPoint inserts it onto your slide as a slide object, along with placeholder text.


Adding Organization Charts

Although classified as a type of diagram, organization charts work a bit differently. See the task "Adding an Organization Chart" to learn how to add one to your slide.


Building a Diagram from Scratch

You need not use a layout that contains a diagram placeholder; you can add a new diagram to any slide. Simply click the Insert Diagram button on the Drawing toolbar and add a diagram as shown in these steps.



Click each placeholder text box and type your own diagram text.


Click Insert Shape to add another shape to your diagram.


PowerPoint inserts the new shape and another text box for your diagram text. The new shape appears and assumes the next position in the order of the diagram's hierarchy.


Reversing the Order

You can click the Reverse Diagram button on the Diagram toolbar to reverse the order of the shapes in your diagram.


Resizing Diagrams

Click the Layout button on the Diagram toolbar to reveal several commands for controlling the size of the diagram. Select the Fit Diagram to Contents command to resize the diagram around the current contents.


Changing Flow

You can click the Move Shape Forward or Move Shape Backward buttons in the Diagram toolbar to change the position of the current shape in the diagram.