Adding a Movie Clip with the Clip Organizer



Click the slide to which you want to add a movie clip.


Open the Insert menu, choose Movies and Sounds, and select Movie from Clip Organizer.


The Clip Art Task pane opens, listing the available movie clips. Click the scroll arrows to search through the list.


Another way you can enhance your presentation's message is through the use of movie or video clips. The Clip Art gallery includes a variety of short animated art clips in addition to regular clip art. You can preview any movie clip before applying it to your slide.


Using a Multimedia Placeholder

If your slide layout contains a Media Clip icon, you can click it to open the Media Clip dialog box and sift through the various sound and movie clips. Click the one you want, and click OK to add it to your slide.


Finding More Movies

To locate more movie clips, click the Clip Art on link at the bottom of the Clip Art Task pane and log on to the Microsoft Web site to browse for more clips.



To preview a movie clip, move the mouse pointer over the movie clip icon and click the drop-down arrow.


Click Preview/Properties in the menu that appears.


The Preview/Properties dialog box opens and plays the movie clip.


Click Close.


Movie Clip File Format

The movie clips available in the Clip Art Task pane are animated GIF files, a popular movie file format on the Web.



When you locate a movie clip you want to use, click the clip to add it to your slide.


PowerPoint adds the clip to the slide and leaves the Clip Art Task pane open.


You can click and drag the clip to change its position on the slide, and you can drag a handle surrounding the clip to resize the clip.


Movie Clips as Slide Objects

Movie clips appear as slide objects when you add them to a slide, which means you can move and resize the objects.


Finding a Clip

You can use PowerPoint's Search feature to look for a particular kind of movie clip. In the Clip Art Task pane, click inside the Search For box and type a keyword describing the type of clip you want, and then click Go.


Closing the Task Pane

To close the Clip Art Task pane to free up workspace, click the pane's Close button.



To play the clip, first click the Slide Show View button.


PowerPoint displays the slide in full-screen mode, and the movie clip plays automatically. Press the Esc key to exit the slide show and return to Normal view.


Adding Non-GIF Clips

If you add a movie that is not an animated GIF clip, an additional prompt box appears asking you how you want to play the clip. You can choose to play it automatically or when clicked.


Removing a Clip

To remove a clip from your slide, click the clip and press the Delete key on your keyboard.


Viewing the Show

To learn more about viewing your presentation as a slide show, see Parts 10 and 12.