Adding a Sound Clip with the Clip Organizer



Click the slide to which you want to add a sound.


Open the Insert menu, choose Movies and Sounds, and select Sound from Clip Organizer.


The Clip Art Task pane opens, listing available sound clips. Click the scroll arrows to search through the list for sounds.


The Clip Art gallery includes multimedia clips in addition to clip art. You can choose from a variety of prerecorded sound clips to enhance your slides, and can preview the available sound clips before applying them to your slides.


Using a Multimedia Placeholder

If your slide layout contains a Media Clip icon, you can click it to open the Media Clip dialog box and sift through the various sound and movie clips. Click the one you want, and click OK to add it to your slide.


Finding More Sounds

To locate more sound clips, click the Clip Art on link at the bottom of the Clip Art Task pane and log on to the Microsoft Web site to browse for more clips.



To preview a sound, move the mouse pointer over the sound clip icon and click the drop-down arrow.


Click Preview/Properties in the menu that appears.


The Preview/Properties dialog box opens and plays the sound clip. Click the Stop button to stop the sound from playing, or click the Play button to play the sound again.


Click Close.


Sound Clip File Format

The sound clips available in the Clip Art Task pane are WAV files, a popular sound file on the Web.


Checking the Playing Time

After you add the clip to the slide, you can check its playing time by right-clicking the speaker icon and selecting Edit Sound Object from the menu that appears. The Sound Options dialog box opens, displaying the playing time as well as options for controlling the sound.



When you locate a sound clip you want to use, click the clip to add it to your slide.


Click Automatically to have the sound play automatically when the slide is displayed in your presentation, or When Clicked if you want to activate the sound clip manually.


Sound Clips as Slide Objects

Sound clips appear as speaker icons on the slide, and as a slide object, they can be moved around the slide and resized.


Playing the Clip During the Show

If you opted to play the clip when clicked, you can click the speaker icon at any time the slide is onscreen to play the sound.



PowerPoint adds a speaker icon to your slide to represent the clip and leaves the Clip Art Task pane open.


Click and drag the speaker icon to the corner of your slide.


Double-click the icon to play the sound.


Hiding the Clip

If you chose to play the clip automatically, you can drag the speaker icon off of the slide so it remains a part of the slide, but not visible to your audience.


Removing a Clip

To remove a clip from your slide, click the speaker icon and press the Delete key on your keyboard.


Viewing the Show

To learn more about viewing your presentation as a slide show, see Parts 10 and 12.