Adding a Sound File



Click the slide to which you want to add a sound.


Open the Insert menu, choose Movies and Sounds, and select Sound from File.


The Insert Sound dialog box opens. Locate and select the sound file you want to add.


Click OK.


You aren't limited to using sound files found in the Clip Art Gallery in your presentations. If you like, you can add sound files that you obtain from other sources. All sound clips appear as speaker icons on the slide. When adding a sound file, you can choose to have the sound file play automatically or only when its icon is clicked.


Supported Sound Formats

You can add AIFF, AU, MIDI, MP3, Windows Media, and other popular sound file formats to your PowerPoint slides.



Click Automatically to have the sound play automatically when the slide is displayed in your presentation, or When Clicked if you want to activate the sound clip manually.


PowerPoint adds a speaker icon to your slide representing the clip.


Click and drag the speaker icon to the corner of your slide. You can double-click the icon to play the sound.


Moving the Icon

For best visual results, it's a good idea to move the speaker icon for your sound file to a less noticeable location on your slide. Click and drag the icon to a corner or an empty area of your slide.


Removing a Clip

To remove a clip from your slide, click the speaker icon and press the Delete key on your keyboard.


Linking or Embedding

If your sound file is more than 100KB in size, PowerPoint adds a link to the file rather than embedding it on the slide. If you share your presentation with someone else you'll need to include the sound file along with the PowerPoint file.