Playing a Music CD with a Presentation



After you insert the CD into your computer's CD-ROM drive, click the first slide in your presentation.


Open the Insert menu, choose Movies and Sounds, and select Play CD Audio Track.


The Insert CD Audio dialog box opens. Click the Start at Track field and type the track number of the first track you want to play.


Another way to add sound to your presentation is to play a music CD along with the show. Music CDs provide great background music, and you can set the music up to play along with as many slides as you need.


Using Another Computer

If you plan to show your presentation on another computer, be sure that computer has a CD-ROM drive to accommodate your slide-show music.



Click the End at Track field and type the track number of the last track you want to play.


Click the Loop Until Stopped check box to make the music play continually.


Click OK.


Click Automatically to have the CD play as soon as the slide is displayed in your presentation, or When Clicked if you want to activate the CD manually.


Playing a Track for a Single Slide

If you leave the Loop Until Stopped check box deselected in the Movie and Sound Options dialog box, PowerPoint will play the track only for that particular slide.



PowerPoint adds a CD icon to the current slide.


Click and drag the CD icon to the corner of your slide.


Double-click the CD icon to play the CD.


A Reminder

Don't forget to put your music CD in before you start your slide show during an actual presentation.


Changing the Object Order

If your slide includes sound and movie clips as well as instructions for playing a CD, you may need to arrange the order in which each object is played. To do so, open the Slide Show menu and choose Custom Animation to open the Custom Animation pane. Click the object you want to change in the list order and click a reorder button to move the item up or own in the list.