Chapter 9: Citrix MetaFrame XP Presentation Server

Chapter 9: Citrix MetaFrame XP Presentation Server


Terminal Services in Microsoft Windows Server 2003 provides the functionality to connect to thin clients based on PCs and Microsoft Windows–based terminals by using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) for communication purposes. Installing Citrix MetaFrame XP Presentation Server allows the establishment of additional system functionality and the introduction of ICA as a new communication protocol for terminal servers. This extends the technical options considerably—especially in larger environments. In this chapter, we will do the following:

  • Learn about the concepts and the architecture of Citrix MetaFrame XP Presentation Server, which introduces extended functionalities.

  • Take a thorough look at the concepts that stand behind the Citrix Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) and the Independent Management Architecture (IMA).

  • Find out what makes the installation of a MetaFrame server a success.

  • See the possibilities that can be opened in an enterprise environment when ICA clients are combined with the functionalities of the Program Neighborhood.

When planning the introduction of terminal servers in an enterprise, a thorough analysis is mandatory. During the decision process, the results of an analysis help to find out if the existing infrastructure requires extensions of the basic system. If server farms with load-balancing mechanisms, heterogeneous client platforms, or published applications are to be used, the Citrix products and solutions definitely deserve a closer look.