Terminal Services Overview

What is terminal services? Terminal services is simply a technology for providing access to remote servers via a graphical interface. Terminal services allows multiple users to simultaneously access a given machine?the terminal server. Each user connects to the terminal server via a terminal services client and gets his own environment as if he were the only user. All processing is performed on the terminal server. Applications run from the server and only the screen shots and keyboard/mouse input pass between the client and the server. This transfer between the terminal services client and the terminal server is handled by the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). RDP controls the session between client and server and determines which features are available. Terminal services is ideal for remote administration because you can access a server as if you were physically there. Terminal services is also ideal for centralizing applications. By simply installing an application on a terminal server, you can make it immediately available to your entire enterprise. You don't have to deal with complicated deployments to the various clients. Additionally, because all the processing is performed on the terminal server, terminal services is ideal for making applications available to users across low-bandwidth connections or with low-end hardware clients.