Chapter 10 -- Configuring Windows XP Professional

Chapter 10

Configuring Windows XP Professional

About This Chapter

Microsoft Windows XP Professional stores configuration information in two locations: the registry and the Active Directory service. Active Directory is only available in a domain environment and requires a computer running one of the Microsoft Windows 2000 server products configured as a domain controller. Modifications to the registry or Active Directory change the configuration of the Windows XP Professional environment. You use the following tools to modify the registry or Active Directory:

  • Microsoft Management Console (MMC)
  • Control Panel
  • Registry Editor

Before You Begin

To complete this chapter, you must have

  • A computer that meets the minimum hardware requirements listed in the preface, About This Book
  • Installed the Windows XP Professional software on the computer
For information about the registry and the Registry Editor see Chapter 18, "Modifying and Troubleshooting the Boot Process."