Chapter 17 -- Configuring Network and Internet Connections

Chapter 17

Configuring Network and Internet Connections

About This Chapter

Microsoft Windows XP Professional provides many new features to simplify the configuration of network and Internet connections for home and small business environments. In this chapter you learn about the New Connection Wizard, which guides you through creating network and Internet connections. You also learn about Internet Connection Firewall (ICF), which protects your network from attack; Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), which allows you to share one connection to the Internet with all computers on your network; and Network Bridge, which allows you to connect local area network (LAN) segments. Finally, you are introduced to the Network Setup Wizard, which helps you configure and set up your network.

Before You Begin

To complete this chapter, you must have

  • A computer that meets the minimum hardware requirements listed in the preface, About This Book
  • Windows XP Professional installed on the computer