Chapter 19 -- Deploying Windows XP Professional

Chapter 19

Deploying Windows XP Professional

About This Chapter

This chapter prepares you to automate the process of installing Microsoft Windows XP Professional. Automated deployments can be done in three ways. The decision to use a specific method over another is usually determined by the resources, infrastructure, and deployment time required. Small deployments or situations involving many different hardware configurations often use an unattended file created with Windows Setup Manager. Many larger enterprise deployments use disk duplication to deploy systems, but using disk duplication usually requires third-party software. Microsoft provides Remote Installation Services (RIS) for use in environments where Active Directory service is available. This chapter will also look at some tools in Windows XP Professional that help make your deployment of Windows XP Professional easier. These tools include the File and Transfer Wizard, the Disk Management snap-in, and Windows Installer.

Before You Begin

To complete this chapter, you must have

  • A computer that meets or exceeds the minimum hardware requirements listed in the preface, About This Book