Chapter 11. Performance and Troubleshooting

Windows Vista offers an array of tools for tracking, improving, and tweaking your system's performance, as well as for troubleshooting problems. These tools are greatly improved over previous versions of Windows, and they include automated fixes so that Windows Vista watches behind the scenes for problems and then recommends fixes for them, such as automatically downloading any necessary patches.

This chapter outlines all of Windows Vista's troubleshooting tools. It's divided into two sections: "Performance, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting" and "Startup." As with the rest of the book, the tools and features are alphabetized within each section to make them easier to find.

Note that other chapters include some troubleshooting tools as well. For example, to get help for network problems, turn to Chapter 7.

Here is an alphabetical reference of entries in this chapter:

Administrative Tools


Query Process

Advanced Boot Options

Dr. Watson


Backup and Restore Center

Event Viewer

Reliability and Performance Monitor

Boot Configuration Data Store Editor

FAT to NTFS Conversion Utility

Remote Assistance



Scheduled Tasks Console


Help and Support


Component Services

Memory Diagnostics Tool

Startup and Recovery


Performance Information and Tools

Startup Repair

Computer Management

Performance Log Manager

System Configuration Editor

DirectX Management Tool

Performance Options

System Configuration Utility

Disk Cleanup


System Control Panel

Disk Defragmenter

Problem Reports and Solutions

System Information

System Properties


Windows Easy Transfer

System Protection and System Restore


Windows File Checker

Task Manager

Welcome Center

Windows Script Host

Task Scheduler


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