About the Author

David A. Karp started the Annoyances series of books with the bestseller Windows Annoyances all the way back in 1996. Since then, he has written 10 power-user books available in 9 languages, including 5 books on Windows XP. He's also the author of eBay Hacks: Tips & Tools for Bidding, Buying, and Selling, Second Edition (see http://www.ebayhacks.com) and the editor of PayPal Hacks (see http://www.paypalhacks.com).

David writes for PC Magazine and is a contributing editor for Ztrack Magazine. He created and actively maintains Annoyances.org, a popular Windows troubleshooting web site. Noted recognition of his work has come from PC Computing Magazine, Windows Magazine, The San Francisco Examiner, and The New York Times.

Educated in mechanical engineering at U.C. Berkeley, David consults on Internet technology while dabbling in user-interface design and software engineering…all of which illustrate his disdain for thermodynamics. Of course, David works hard to conserve energy, even though he knows full well that energy is always conserved.

David is a compulsive tinkerer, an avid skier, and a mediocre Go player. He likes to spend time outside, predominantly on his bicycle or with his camera, but rarely both. David scored 30.96647% on the Geek Test (http://www.innergeek.us/geek.html), earning a rating of "Total Geek." He knows the difference between a fireman and a firefighter. He's a master craftsman and a breeder of prize-winning clams. Animals and children trust him. And he knows why you bought this book.