GPRS for Mobile Internet

GPRS for Mobile Internet

Emmanuel Seurre
Patrick Savelli
Pierre-Jean Pietri
Artech House
Boston * London

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Seurre, Emmanuel.
  GPRS for mobile Internet / Emmanuel Seurre, Patrick Savelli, Pierre-Jean Pietri.
   p. cm. (Artech House mobile communications series)
  Includes bibliographical references and index.

ISBN 1-58053-600-X (alk. paper)

1. Global system for mobile communications. 2. Wireless Internet-Standards. 3. Mobile communication systems-Standards. I. Savelli, Patrick. II. Pietri, Pierre-Jean. III. Title.

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Seurre, Emmanuel.
  GPRS for mobile Internet. - (Artech House mobile communications series)

1. Global system for mobile communications 2. General Packet Radio Service 3. Wireless Internet I. Title II. Savelli, Patrick III. Pietri, Pierre-Jean


ISBN 1-58053-600-X

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We would like to thank the following persons for their support during the redaction phase, and for their relevant comments on the manuscript: Jacques Achard, Solofoniaina Razafindrahaba, Samuel Rousselin, Jean-Louis Guillet, and Dominique Cyne.

Emmanuel Seurre
Patrick Savelli
Pierre-Jean Pietri
December 2002

About the Authors

Emmanuel Seurre is a system engineer in Alcatel's handset division. He has worked on all of the GSM circuit data transmission technologies and has experience with all of the mobile layers related to GPRS and EDGE at the system and standards levels.

Patrick Savelli has acquired baseband and RF system expertise at the mobile phone divisions of Alcatel and Mitsubishi Electric, especially on GPRS, EDGE, and UMTS, for which he has followed the evolutions in the standards groups.

Pierre-Jean Pietri has worked for Alcatel, on a system specification team, and followed the standardization process for EDGE and GERAN for the BSS side. He now works for STMicroelectronics on the development of technical solutions for GSM/EDGE handsets.