List of Tables

List of Tables

Chapter 1: Introduction to the GSM System

Table 1.1: GSM System Frequency Bands
Table 1.2: The Logical Channels and Their Purpose
Table 1.3: MS Power Classes
Table 1.4: TRX Power Classes
Table 1.5: Sensitivity-Level Performance Requirements
Table 1.6: Interference Performance Requirements

Chapter 2: GPRS Services

Table 2.1: Delay Classes
Table 2.2: Traffic Classes
Table 2.3: End User Performance Expectations-Conversational/Real-Time Services
Table 2.4: End User Performance Expectations-Streaming Services
Table 2.5: End User Performance Expectations-Interactive Services

Chapter 3: Overview of GPRS

Table 3.1: New Interfaces with the SS7 Network
Table 3.2: GPRS Logical Channels
Table 3.3: Throughput Associated with Coding Scheme
Table 3.4: Authorized Procedures Relative to GMM States

Chapter 4: Radio Interface: Physical Layer

Table 4.1: Convolutional Code Parameters for CS-1, CS-2, and CS-3
Table 4.2: Mapping Between Coding Scheme and Stealing Flags
Table 4.3: Coding Parameters for GPRS Coding Schemes
Table 4.4: Summary of Uplink Power Control Parameters
Table 4.5: BTS Output Power Relative to Logical Channel Type
Table 4.6: Downlink Power Control Parameters
Table 4.7: Type 1 MS Multislot Classes
Table 4.8: Type 2 MS Multislot Classes
Table 4.9: ISL at Reference Performance for Normal BTS
Table 4.10: C/I Ratio for Cochannel Performance for Normal BTS
Table 4.11: In-Band and Out-of-Band Definitions for the Blocking Characteristics
Table 4.12: In-Band and Out-of-Band Blocking Signal Level (GSM-900)
Table 4.13: Power Levels of Signals on Frequencies f1 and f2 for Intermodulation Requirement
Table 4.14: AM Suppression Requirement
Table 4.15: CS-1 to CS-3 Code Rates
Table 4.16: Survivor Path Metrics
Table 4.17: RF Receiver Architectures

Chapter 5: Radio Interface: RLC/MAC Layer

Table 5.1: RLC/MAC Block Structure for Control Messages
Table 5.2: Downlink RLC/MAC Control Block Format with MAC Header
Table 5.3: Uplink RLC/MAC Control Block Format
Table 5.4: RLC/MAC Block Structure for Data Transfer
Table 5.5: RLC Data Block Size by Coding Scheme
Table 5.6: Downlink RLC Data Block with MAC Header
Table 5.7: RLC Data Block for Uplink with MAC Header
Table 5.8: Mode of Reselection and Criteria for Cell Reselection
Table 5.9: MS Behavior for Receipt of Paging Message
Table 5.10: Cell Reselection Measurement Periods

Chapter 6: Gb Interface

Table 6.1: Summary of BSSGP PDUs

Chapter 7: Signaling Plane

Table 7.1: Structure of TLLI

Chapter 8: User Plane

Table 8.1: LLC Frame Format
Table 8.2: LLC Frames
Table 8.3: SN-DATA PDU Format
Table 8.4: SN-UNITDATA PDU Format
Table 8.5: Advantages and Drawbacks of Solutions Implemented from SNDCP to LLC
Table 8.6: Advantages and Drawbacks of Solutions Implemented from LLC to SNDCP