Appendix C. LIF Mobile Location Protocol

Appendix C. LIF Mobile Location Protocol

The Location Interoperability Forum (LIF) is an initiative established jointly by Ericsson, Motorola, and Nokia to define and promote a common and ubiquitous solution for determining the location of mobile devices across different wireless network boundaries. The members of LIF include a mix of network operators, equipment manufacturers, and service providers responsible for deploying equipment for this solution. LIF has developed a standards-based solution to locate mobile devices called the Mobile Location Protocol. Issues considered in developing the Mobile Location Protocol specification include the following:

  • How to ensure end user privacy and location information security

  • How to locate legacy phones (with no existing positioning capability)

  • How to offer location services to roaming users

  • How to support applications developed internally, by third-party developers and by service providers

  • Availability of location capable terminals

  • Interoperability of equipment and applications provided by multiple vendors

  • Provisioning, billing, and revenue-sharing models

For updates to this specification, see Note that the contents of Appendix C are reproduced as they appear in the LIF Web site.