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Mobile Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have the potential to dramatically improve business productivity and give service providers new revenue opportunities. This in-depth tutorial will help professionals in the field understand both the technology of Mobile VPNs and other advanced wireless data services, as well as their implementation and practical deployment.

Shneyderman and Casati discuss the current state of standardization in wireless data. They then explore advanced aspects of mobile technologies, VPN and IP services, providing important information about how Mobile VPN is supported in current and next generation cellular wireless systems. This book introduces a new approach to classifying VPN and other private network access methods and gives a glimpse into where the field is headed by uncovering open issues and future trends in wireless data communications.

Offering essential implementation guidance on Mobile VPNs, this book:

  • Teaches how to implement Mobile VPNs and other advanced data services within wireless systems such as GPRS, CDMA2000, UMTS, and WLAN
  • Provides a tutorial on relevant topics in data networking and wireless communications
  • Details radio interface fundamentals and technical aspects of cellular systems of interest
  • Examines technologies like IP tunneling , security, roaming, addressing, AAA brokerage, and the latest standards as applied in wireless data systems frameworks
  • Analyzes the equipment involved in Mobile VPNs

About the Authors

Alex Shneyderman is an independent consultant. Previously, he was Senior Product Manager at Lucent Technologies for their Springtide Wireless IP Services Switch. A frequent speaker at conferences, Shneyderman is also active in the IEEE and has authored several important white papers on wireless networks and IP services.

Alessio Casati is an engineer with Lucent Technologies working on wireless packet data services, products, and protocols. Casati contributed to the standard setting in 3GPP and the IETF in the areas of mobility and QoS. He was a researcher in Italtel Central Research (Telecom Italia).