List of Tables

List of Tables

Chapter 1: Introduction to MVPN

Table 1.1: Resources on the Web

Chapter 3: Wireless Systems Overview: A Radio Interface Perspective

Table 3.1: Cellular Systems Properties
Table 3.2: CDMA2000 Technology Comparison

Chapter 6: GSM/GPRS and UMTS VPN Solutions

Table 6.1: Final Bids on UK Spectrum Licenses

Appendix B: CDMA2000 RADIUS Accounting Attributes

Table B.1: IKE Attributes Parameters
Table B.2: IKE Attributes Parameters

Appendix C: RADIUS Usage in 3GPP

Table C.1: Sub-attributes of the 3GPP Vendor-Specific Attribute (from 3GPP 29.061 v5.2.1)