Mobile VPN--Delivering Advanced Services in Next Generation Wireless Systems

Mobile VPN—Delivering Advanced Services in Next Generation Wireless Systems

Alex Shneyderman and
Alessio Casati
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Alex Shneyderman:

To my wife Olga, who has truly become my (better) half, and to our first ten years together; to my son Mark, who will not need to know about the complexity of the high-tech world around him (unless he chooses daddy's path); and to my parents for being there for me.

Alessio Casati:

To my wife Lina Maria, who helped me throughout this effort with her patience, support, love, and understanding. To my family and loved ones.

ALEX SHNEYDERMAN is an independent consultant. Previously, he was Senior Product Manager at Lucent Technologies for their Springtide Wireless IP Services Switch. A frequent speaker at conferences, Shneyderman is also active in the IEEE and has authored several important white papers on wireless networks and IP services.

ALESSIO CASATI is an engineer with Lucent Technologies working on wireless packet data services, products, and protocols. Casati contributed to the standard setting in 3GPP and the IETF in the areas of mobility and QoS. He was a researcher in Italtel Central Research (Telecom Italia).


As virtually any undertaking of such magnitude, this book would not be possible without the participation and generous help of a number of people and organizations. First and foremost, we would like to thank Igor Faynberg who introduced us to Wiley Publishing and guided us through the writing and material selecting process, providing invaluable technical and organizational insights along the way.

We would like to thank our colleagues at Lucent Technologies for their support and help with the details of both business and technological aspects of MVPN and advanced IP services. Especially, we would like to thank Pete Mccann, Dawn Mckenna, Mikko Kiukkanen, and Peter Hsu. Special thanks goes to Mike Grinn, Said Tatesh, and Benny Siman-Tov for taking their time to proofread many of the book chapters and provide us with valuable comments.

This book would not be possible without the help and participation from our editing team at Wiley, which always demonstrated the highest level of professionalism while providing technical reviews and suggestions on how to improve the quality of our text and for guiding us through the publishing process. We would like to especially thank Emilie Herman and Felicia Robinson for their contributions.

Finally, we would like to thank our families—especially Alex's wife Olga, son Mark, and parents Boris and Vieta, and Alessio's wife Lina and parents Natale and Luisella for their constant support, warm encouragement, and patience during our temporary exile from public life, frequent mood swings, and periods of being mentally withdrawn, which unfortunately often accompany undertakings of such magnitude.

Alessio Casati
Wootton Bassett, UK
Alex Shneyderman
Wayne, New Jersey