List of Tables

List of Tables

Chapter 2: Mobile Devices

Table 2.1: Device Manufacturers

Chapter 3: Wireless Networks

Table 3.1: High-Level Differences between WPANs, WLANs, WWANs, and Satellite
Table 3.2: Comparison of WPAN Technologies
Table 3.3: Comparison of WLAN Technologies
Table 3.4: Oversight Organizations for Network Protocols
Table 3.5: Comparison of Network Protocols
Table 3.6: Satellite Service Providers

Chapter 7: Smart Client Overview

Table 7.1: Comparison of Windows CE Versions

Chapter 8: Smart Client Development

Table 8.1: Leading Development Tools for Mobile Development
Table 8.2: Development Tool Evaluation Questionnaire

Chapter 9: Persistent Data on the Client

Table 9.1: Other Mobile Database Vendors

Chapter 10: Enterprise Integration Through Synchronization

Table 10.1: Additional Synchronization Vendors

Chapter 12: Thin Client Development

Table 12.1: WAP SDKs
Table 12.2: Microsoft Windows CE Development Kits
Table 12.3: Palm OS Development Kits
Table 12.4: Symbian OS Development Kits
Table 12.5: RIM Blackberry OS Development Kits
Table 12.6: General Development Tools for Wireless Internet Development

Chapter 14: Wireless Internet Technology and Vendors

Table 14.1: Other Vendors with Wireless Application Server Offerings
Table 14.2: Development Tool Vendors
Table 14.3: Wireless Service Providers

Chapter 15: Voice Applications with VoiceXML

Table 15.1: VoiceXML Vendor List

Chapter 16: Mobile Information Management

Table 16.1: Summary of Mobile OS PIM Software
Table 16.2: Mobile PIM Vendors
Table 16.3: Mobile Device Management Vendors

Chapter 17: Location-Based Services

Table 17.1: LBS Vendors