Mobile and Wireless Design Essentials

Mobile and Wireless Design Essentials

Martyn Mallick
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To my beautiful wife Catherine, for her support, understanding, and encouragement.


When I started writing Mobile and Wireless Design Essentials a year and a half ago, I never imagined what a monumental effort it would require. Without the support and assistance from my family, friends, and colleagues it would not have been possible to write on such a broad, evolving topic.

In particular, I must thank my wife Cathy for being patient and understanding when I wrote late into the night, and during most weekends.

I would also like to thank the rest of my family, including my parents Adrian and JoAnn, and my siblings David, Anita, Bryan, and Marissa for helping me stay focused throughout the writing process. Thanks also goes to Carol Long and her team at John Wiley & Sons including Scott, Micheline, Felicia, Janet, Erica, Adaobi, and Holly for offering their insight into the publishing process and for keeping me on schedule. Also deserving my gratitude are many of my colleagues at iAnywhere Solutions including David, Bharat, Alex, Liam, Matt, Chris, and Eric, who allowed me to bounce ideas off of them, and provided technical editing during the latter phases of writing. Additionally, a special mention goes to Michelle Cheng, a very gifted individual, who worked endless hours putting together all of the figures you see throughout the book. And finally I would like to thank my employer for providing an environment that is conducive to expanding my knowledge about both the business and technical aspects of the mobile and wireless industry. I hope the knowledge I have gained, and the lessons I have learned, prove to be valuable as you develop your mobile and wireless solutions.

Martyn Mallick
January 2003