Part Four: Beyond Enterprise Data

Part Four: Beyond Enterprise Data

Chapter List

Chapter 16: Mobile Information Management
Chapter 17: Location-Based Services
Chapter 18: Other Useful Technologies

Part Overview

So far we have focused on the creation of mobile and wireless applications that provide access to corporate data. Part Two covered the creation of smart client applications to enable offline access to enterprise data, while Part Three covered wireless Internet applications. In Part Four, we are going to look at technology that does not necessitate enterprise data access, although it still plays a role in the deployment of enterprise mobile solutions.

The first topic is mobile information management (MIM), which comprises both personal information management (PIM) and mobile device management capabilities. These technologies are becoming increasingly important as mobile devices proliferate and become the responsibility of enterprise IT staffs. The second topic is location-based services (LBS). Much of the hype surrounding LBS has revolved around the consumer market, but there are many corporate applications that can benefit from location information. Finally, we will take a look at four additional technologies that could have an impact on mobile development projects. In this part, one chapter is dedicated to each of these topics, as follows.