New Software Packaging

In April of 2003, Cisco announced new simplified packaging of Cisco IOS beginning with release 12.3 on the 1700, 2600, and 3700 series router platforms. Goals of the simplification effort are to reduce the number of available packages from 44 to 8, while providing consistent image names across the various platforms Cisco offers. Beginning with 12.2S and 12.3T, simplified packaging is available for all platforms running Cisco IOS. This new packaging extends to Catalyst switches running IOS, while a similar simplification effort will extend to Catalyst OS.

Packaging for Routers

Figure 5-8 represents the eight new packages for Cisco IOS devices.

Figure 5-8. Software Packaging for Routers

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As mentioned earlier, consistent imaging naming is one of the benefits of the new packaging structure. Table 5-4 is an example of the eight packages available on the 2600 series router. The same abbreviation is used across all platforms.

Table 5-4. Feature Sets for the 2600 Series Routers

Feature Set

Image Name

IP Base


IP Voice


Enterprise Base


Advanced Security


SP Services


Advanced IP Services


Enterprise Services


Advanced Enterprise Services


As of this writing, none of the Catalyst switching platforms run Cisco IOS either native or hybrid in release trains that support the new packaging (12.2S, 12.3, or 12.3T), but they eventually will follow a similar packaging system.

Packaging for Switches

Figure 5-9 represents proposed packaging for Catalyst switches running native IOS.

Figure 5-9. Native IOS Packaging for Catalyst Switches

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The packaging outlined in Figure 5-9 closely resembles the new software packaging for traditional Cisco routers. Again, this software packaging does not affect devices running Catalyst OS. There are no plans currently to change the way Catalyst OS is offered.