How the Book Can Be Used

This book is designed to be read straight through like a novel. If you prefer to jump right to the chapters that might interest you, however, that is okay as well. If there is a significant point discussed in further detail in another chapter, that is noted.

The book provides a basic foundation on which you can build your learning experience.

Chapter Objectives

Every chapter begins with a list of objectives that are addressed in the chapter.

Highlighted Keywords

Whenever a keyword or term appears for the first time, it is bolded and italicized to indicate that it is defined in the Glossary.

Chapter Summaries

Every chapter concludes with a comprehensive chapter summary that reviews chapter objectives, ensuring complete coverage and discussing the chapter's relation to future content.

Chapter Reviews

Every chapter concludes with a chapter review. In a question-and-answer format, the chapter review tests the basic ideas and concepts covered in each chapter. Answers to the chapter reviews are included in an appendix at the back of the book.

Case Studies

Some chapters include case studies that focus on the real-world implementation of concepts.


The Glossary defines essential terms and acronyms.