I thank my family for their support, and my partner Georgina for putting up with all the hours I've spent sat in front of my PC writing this book!

As I look back over the last 23 years of my life, I realize that I have met a handful of key individuals to whom I owe a great deal, as I truly believe that I wouldn't have ended up here without their input in one form or another: Wez Blampied, Emerson Tan, Jeff Fay, Bryan Self, John McDonald, Geoff Donson, Kevin Chamberlain, Steve McMahon, Ryan Gibson, and Nick Baskett.

I am also extremely grateful for the positive support from the O'Reilly team (past and present), including Jim Sumser, Laurie Petrycki, Debby Russell, Tatiana Apandi Diaz, Nathan Torkington, and David Chu.

I thank the guys I've work alongside at Matta ( for their support, and also MIS Corporate Defence Solutions ( company that took me in and gave me an excellent start to my security career.

Online handles of those with whom I talk from time to time about the latest exploits and tools include the likes of: bond, twd, sinkhole, cr, Cold-Fire, ph0bos, gamma, i1l, cain, superluck, almauri, snare, Mixter, DiGiT-, Cybk0red, none, brc, dSan, gera, suid, caddis, duke, yowie, Joey_ _, tmoggie, biometrix, B-r00t, Haggis, giles, kraft, _sh, xfer, and skyper. I would like to thank these individuals for their time over the years, and show them my gratitude by acknowledging them here. Finally, thanks to Matt Lewis for his help with the application security chapter and to Michael Thumann for his Chapter 11 input.