Chapter 3. Network Security

    Hacks #31-53

    Section 31.  Detect ARP Spoofing

    Section 32.  Create a Static ARP Table

    Section 33.  Firewall with Netfilter

    Section 34.  Firewall with OpenBSD's PacketFilter

    Section 35.  Create an Authenticated Gateway

    Section 36.  Firewall with Windows

    Section 37.  Keep Your Network Self-Contained

    Section 38.  Test Your Firewall

    Section 39.  MAC Filtering with Netfilter

    Section 40.  Block OS Fingerprinting

    Section 41.  Fool Remote Operating System Detection Software

    Section 42.  Keep an Inventory of Your Network

    Section 43.  Scan Your Network for Vulnerabilities

    Section 44.  Keep Server Clocks Synchronized

    Section 45.  Create Your Own Certificate Authority

    Section 46.  Distribute Your CA to Clients

    Section 47.  Encrypt IMAP and POP with SSL

    Section 48.  Set Up TLS-Enabled SMTP

    Section 49.  Detect Ethernet Sniffers Remotely

    Section 50.  Install Apache with SSL and suEXEC

    Section 51.  Secure BIND

    Section 52.  Secure MySQL

    Section 53.  Share Files Securely in Unix