Chapter 6. Secure Tunnels

    Hacks #67-81

    Section 67.  Set Up IPsec Under Linux

    Section 68.  Set Up IPsec Under FreeBSD

    Section 69.  Set Up IPsec in OpenBSD

    Section 70.  PPTP Tunneling

    Section 71.  Opportunistic Encryption with FreeS/WAN

    Section 72.  Forward and Encrypt Traffic with SSH

    Section 73.  Quick Logins with SSH Client Keys

    Section 74.  Squid Proxy over SSH

    Section 75.  Use SSH as a SOCKS Proxy

    Section 76.  Encrypt and Tunnel Traffic with SSL

    Section 77.  Tunnel Connections Inside HTTP

    Section 78.  Tunnel with VTun and SSH

    Section 79.  Automatic vtund.conf Generator

    Section 80.  Create a Cross-Platform VPN

    Section 81.  Tunnel PPP