Chapter 7. Network Intrusion Detection

    Hacks #82-95

    Section 82.  Detect Intrusions with Snort

    Section 83.  Keep Track of Alerts

    Section 84.  Real-Time Monitoring

    Section 85.  Manage a Sensor Network

    Section 86.  Write Your Own Snort Rules

    Section 87.  Prevent and Contain Intrusions with Snort_inline

    Section 88.  Automated Dynamic Firewalling with SnortSam

    Section 89.  Detect Anomalous Behavior

    Section 90.  Automatically Update Snort's Rules

    Section 91.  Create a Distributed Stealth Sensor Network

    Section 92.  Use Snort in High-Performance Environments with Barnyard

    Section 93.  Detect and Prevent Web Application Intrusions

    Section 94.  Simulate a Network of Vulnerable Hosts

    Section 95.  Record Honeypot Activity