Appendix D. Common Utilities

Appendix D. Common Utilities

Microsoft .NET Framework provides many tools to help developers make the best use of the Framework. In the following sections, we document the commonly used subset of .NET tools that we've used throughout this book:

  • Assembly Generation Utility (al.exe)

  • Assembly Registration Utility (gacutil.exe)

  • MSIL Assembler (ilasm.exe)

  • MSIL Disassembler (ildasm.exe)

  • C++ Compiler (cl.exe)

  • C# Compiler (csc.exe)

  • VB Compiler (vbc.exe)

  • PE File viewer (dumpbin.exe)

  • Type Library Exporter (tlbexp.exe)

  • Type Library Importer (tlbimp.exe)

  • XML Schema Definition Tool (xsd.exe)

  • Shared Name Utility (sn.exe)

  • Web Service Utility (wsdl.exe)