InstallUtil.exe Installer Utility


InstallUtil [/u[ninstall]] [options] assembly1 [[options] assembly2] ...


Executes installers and uninstallers contained within the assembly. A log file can be written, and state information can be persisted. For complete details, see the Installer Tool (Installutil.exe) topic in the .NET Framework SDK Documentation.


/? [ assemblypath] , /h[elp] [ assemblypath]

Prints a usage message and exits. If assemblypath is supplied, it displays help for any additional options supported by installers in the assembly.

/logFile= file

Logs installation progress to a file (defaults to assemblyname.InstallLog).


If true, logs output to the console. The default is false.


Prints the call stack to the log file if an exception is thrown during installation.


Uninstalls assemblies. This option applies to all assemblies specified on the command line.

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