Nmake.exe Program Maintenance Utility


nmake [options] [macro=value ...] [targets]


Common utility that scripts building of multiple components and source files and tracks rebuild dependency information. If a target is not specified, Nmake looks for a target called all.


/@ file

Specifies a response file containing arguments to nmake.

/?, /help

Displays usage information and exits.


Build all targets, even if they are up-to-date.


Builds if timestamps are equal.


Suppresses output messages.


Displays build information.


Overrides environment variable macros.

/f makefile

Specifies a makefile. The default is Makefile in the current directory.


Ignores command exit codes. Continues building even if an error occurs in an external program, such as a compiler.


If an error occurs while building a target, /k causes nmake to continue building other targets.


Displays commands, but does not actually execute them.


Suppresses display of the banner and copyright messages.


Displays nmake settings and information about the current makefile.


Checks time stamps, but does not perform the build.


Ignores predefined rules. (Compare the output of nmake /pq to the output of nmake /p).


Suppresses display of commands as they are executed.


Changes timestamps, but does not perform the build


Dumps inline files.


Disables batch mode.

/x file

Sends all standard error messages to file.

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