PEVerify.exe Portable Executable Verifier


PEverify file [options]


Verifies that your compiler has generated type-safe MSIL. C# always generates type-safe MSIL. Useful for ILASM-generated programs.



Displays usage information and exits.

/break= count

Aborts execution after count errors. The default is one error.


Reports on how long verification took.


Displays error codes in hexadecimal.

/ignore= code1[ ,code2 ...]

Ignores specified error codes. You must specify the error codes in hexadecimal format (such as 0x0000001F).

/ignore=@ file

Specifies a file containing error codes to ignore. The error codes must be in hexadecimal format.


Verifies only the PE structure and MSIL.


Verifies only the PE structure and metadata.


Suppresses display of errors.


Ignores duplicate error codes.

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