RegSvcs.exe Service Installation Utility


regsvcs [options] assembly


Registers an assembly to COM+, and installs its typelib into a new or existing application. Can also generate a typelib. The assembly must be signed with a strong name (see Sn.exe).


regsvcs foo.dll /appname:comapp /tlb:newfoo.tlb


/?, /help

Displays usage information and exits.

/appdir :path

Specifies application root directory. (Added in .NET 1.1.)

/appname :name

Specifies the name of the COM+ application.


Creates the application.


Configures only components, ignoring methods and interfaces.


Expects that the application already exists. RegSvcs.exe fails if the application does not exist.


Uses an existing type library. Requires the /tlb option.


Finds and uses an existing application or creates a new one if it does not exist. This is the default mode.


Suppresses display of the banner and copyright messages.


Does not reconfigure an existing application.

/parname :name

Specifies the name or ID of the COM+ application to find or create.


Suppresses display of success, banner, and copyright messages.


Reconfigures an existing application. This is the default behavior.

/tlb :file

Specifies the type library.


Uninstall the assembly from the application.

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