Xsd.exe XML Schema Definition Tool


xsd.exe assembly.[dll|exe] [/outputdir:dir] [/type:type1 [/type:type2 ...]]
xsd.exe instance.xml [/outputdir:dir]
xsd.exe schema.xdr [/outputdir:dir]
xsd.exe schema.xsd (/classes|/dataset) [/e] [/l] [/n] [/o] [/uri]


Generates XML schemas from XDR, XML files, or class information. Can also generate DataSet or class information from a schema.


xsd foo.xdr
xsd bar.dll



The name of a .NET assembly. Xsd.exe infers a schema from the assembly's types and generates an .xsd file.


The name of an XML document. Xsd.exe infers a schema from it and generates an .xsd file.


The name of an XML Data Reduced schema document. Xsd.exe converts it to an .xsd file.


The name of an XML Schema Description Language schema document. Xsd.exe generates either a dataset (/dataset) or source code (/classes) for types that correspond to the schema.



Generates types that correspond to an XML schema.


Generates a subclass of DataSet that corresponds to an XML schema.

/e[lement] :element

Specifies a particular element in the XML schema. To specify multiple elements, use this option more than once. By default, Xsd.exe processes all elements.

/l[anguage] :language

Specifies the language for the generated code. Valid options are CS (C#), VB (Visual Basic .NET), JS (JScript.NET), and VJS (J#).

/n[amespace] :namespace

Specifies the namespace for the generated types.


Suppresses display of the banner and copyright messages.

/o[ut] :directory

Specifies the directory to store generated files.

/t[ype] :type

Specifies a particular type in the assembly. To specify multiple types, use this option more than once. By default, Xsd.exe processes all types.

/u[ri] :uri

Specifies the URI of the elements in the schema file to process.

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